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Telehealth or in-person treatment for California residents

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Healing happens here.

Whether it’s telehealth or in-person, I offer a compassionate, authentic and humanistic style to hold your story, your voice and YOU being the expert of your life. I am committed to meeting you where you are at and appreciating the honor it is to be beside in your best and worst moments of life.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Northern California, serving clients since 2011.
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I know finding the right therapist can be really difficult. I’ve been there myself.

You carefully review website after website, in search of someone who speaks to your heart, and after scrolling through so many therapists (many of whom aren’t accepting new clients but can place you on their waitlist), you are overwhelmed before you’ve gotten started with clinical care and forget which provider you’ve heard back from. 

While my practice remains consistently at capacity, I want you to learn about me ahead of time, because when you are trusting a therapist to explore the hardest moments of your life and place the trust of your relationship with this person (as couples therapy requires), you shouldn’t have to wonder what your therapist stands for and how they’ll treat you.

Here's what to expect:

Being a thorough clinician is key to an excellent therapeutic relationship and excellent results. I am dedicated to holding a safe, transparent and heart to heart discussion to outline and ensure how I can offer the best care of your mental health services.

Schedule a free 15-min phone consultation

I want to make sure that I am the “best fit therapist” for my individuals, couples and teen clients.  In order to do so, I offer a free consultation so you can get to know my practice, my style and my specialties as I learn what you (and your partner/family/teen) are wanting to work on in goals, treatment plan and length of treatment.

Decide whether we will meet by telehealth or in-person

Our world has forever changed as a result of Covid-19. My practice reflects a flexible availability to be seen in-person or have the convenience and flexibility of virtual sessions. We can actively discuss what will allow you to feel most safe, seen and supported throughout your treatment.

Identify frequency of sessions

We will discuss in the first few sessions what will be the best cadence of treatment when working together. It is my recommendation that we begin with weekly or biweekly sessions. Be reminded that each session will build from the previous, giving you empowerment, clarity and confidence. 

Brief therapy or exploratory therapy

I am a therapist who can confidently offer both lengths of therapy treatment well. Whether you are focused on specific goals only (short term), or recognize you have unprocessed areas of your life that you’d like support on that will not feel rushed, I will meet you where you are at and with what goals you identify are most important to address. 

You are welcome and honored here. All of you, no matter what.

We shine most powerfully when we are presented, just like a rainbow, in a full spectrum, which means I celebrate and want you to feel safe to bring in your cultural and religious beliefs, gender, sexuality, and ethnic and racial connection. While I studied in school for a long time to obtain clinical expertise, you are the expert on what it’s like to be you. I am invested in learning about you; I work towards creating a healing space that is open, inviting, and safe to explore how your experiences, along with the unavoidable systems within our country and world, have shaped your present reality.

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Our identities impact our lives and therefore our therapy and our relationship to our therapist. I’m committed to holding space for you and holding cultural curiosity which means I practice, heart to heart, in the therapy room recognizing and naming my differences and similarities to foster a sacred and healing space for you.

I love what I do, and my clients feel that!

My therapeutic philosophy is to create change that will last for a lifetime for the individuals, teens and couples I serve. I am proud to share that those relationships remain and I have an open-door policy. That means clients successfully graduate from my care and return back when they have a new concern they need to address.

“I've been working with Tricia for some time now. She has helped me tremendously through some of my hardest times. Her warm, caring personality puts me at ease and provides a safe space for me to share. I know she is always on my side, advocating for me and keeping me from getting stuck in my own thoughts. Thank you Tricia!”

Current client

It’s your time to shine.

Take the first step today and contact me.

It’s your time to shine. I provide a free 15 minute phone consultation to determine if I am the right fit for you, you and your partner or your teenager. Finding the “right fit” therapist is important and you can’t do so without first having time to get to know me. Ask the hard questions, I want you to feel confident in the work we do together from the very beginning.


What's been on my therapy mind and heart

Please follow me in my weekly blog where I will be answering your questions, addressing hot topics in mental health and providing my own insights, training and perspective for mental health in CA, the country and at times, globally.

Blog posts coming soon!
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Join me for a workshop

I will be offering year round a virtual and  in-person Hold Me Tight© Workshop based on the Best Selling Book, “Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations For a Lifetime of Love” by Dr. Sue Johnson, Ph.D.

Learn more about this workshop and others by clicking the link below.


Tune in to Thriving Your Love

Thriving Your Love is a podcast produced by emotionally focused therapists Claudio Silva, LMFT, and Tricia Kim Walsh, LMFT. This podcast aims to help couples and families connect with their loved ones and thrive in their relationships.

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Contact me

It’s your time to shine. I provide a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine if I am the right fit for you, you and your partner or your teenager. Finding the “right fit” therapist is important and you can’t do so without first having time to get to know me. Ask the hard questions, I want you to feel confident in the work we do together from the very beginning.

I highly value your confidentiality. Please note that this form is not HIPAA compliant. If you want a more secure form of contact, phone is best for our initial contact.
Thank you! I'm excited to begin this journey together.
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